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Now introducing virtual training with the doodle training experts in Doodle Prep School.  Open to all breeds and ages.

Live, personalized, one-on-one effective training, wherever you need it.

Our highly skilled and experienced Doodle Prep School Trainers have adapted our Doodle Prep School program and the use of technology to bring their expertise to you, from the comfort of your own home.

Continued dog training is a very important part of both you and your dog’s life. All dogs go through developmental stages and need continued training. With our Virtual training, you can rest assured that your dog is learning the proper “positive” training techniques that build upon the foundation for continued good behavior. Our goal is to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, in their happy place.

Our Private Virtual Dog Training Sessions Include

Private Lessons:  $189/hr

Virtual Training Package: This package consists of 4, one hour lessons. $599

  • Open to any training topic/Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, problem solving, behavior modification, etc.
  • Open to  All Ages and Breeds
  • All sessions are recorded and available for future reference


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Baby Steps:

Training your puppy the first few days and weeks home can be life interrupting and scary.  With our Private Virtual Training we will help you have the confidence and direction you need to lay the foundation for all future training.


The Goals

Each block of time is booked with one of our trainers to cover the topics and help with your individual needs.  Virtual training is an online, live one on one training session with trainers that are leaders in the industry and up to date with the latest research on behavior management and modification.  Whether you need some help with a new puppy, guidance through troubleshooting behavioral issues, instruction on continuing training beyond the puppy basics, relationship building, or most any other topic, we will match you with the trainer best able to help you achieve your goals.

The Doodle Prep School all inclusive in home training program is the most well rounded experience for those that prefer their puppy to get their start with our doodle training experts. Virtual training is a great option for those that prefer to handle the puppy training on their own but may need help with specific behaviors.  It is also for those  looking to continue their Doodle’s education under the guidance of our team.

We are excited to offer this much requested service. Please contact us for more information.

We are dedicated to providing the right puppy for your family.

If at any time the puppy develops behaviors that we do not feel are suitable for your family, we will advise you immediately and look for a more suitable puppy for your family. We want you and your puppy to be the PERFECT match.