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SUPER Puppy Complete Program – $13,980

(Includes Spay/Neuter)

This 16-week program is our complete foundational puppy training, designed to train your puppy through the initial, and sometimes difficult stages and phases of puppyhood.

This program is ideal for owners that want to have the best possible start and foundation for the long life and relationship they will have with their puppy. This 16-week plan focuses on individual learning at the most appropriate time for the puppy based on age and social development. The period between 8 and 24 weeks is the most crucial training period in a dog’s life. This is when the puppy’s real personality is established. Our trainers will have a highly accurate understanding of your puppy’s personality traits, how to adapt the training to the individual, and make sure that you and your puppy are a perfect match. All this information, combined with the specialized knowledge our trainers have is used to create an individualized training plan for your puppy.

This is why ALL of our potential service & therapy dogs should complete this program.

Baby Steps

Although this is our complete program… 

16 Week Outline

SUPER Puppy Complete Program Goals:

This 16-week program is complete puppy training, designed to train your puppy through the initial, and sometimes difficult stages and phases of puppyhood.


Solid understanding and continued Progressions on all commands by Adding 3 D’s ( Distractions, Durations, Distance)

→ Focus is solid with easy redirect when distracted

SIT – no need for lures and rewards, only in most difficult scenarios

DOWN – no need for lures and rewards, only in most difficult scenarios

→ Leash Walking – focused and with no pulling

COME – reliable in all but the most difficult scenarios





→ Limit opportunities for mistakes

→ Reward good choices

→ Ignore bad choices

Crate Training

→ 8 hours quiet and potty accident-free at night

→ Quiet during nap time

→ Adjusting Schedule to mirror client needs

House Training

→ Puppy is reliable and able to indicate needs in most situations

→ Schedule mirrors client needs

Personality & Temperament

→ Socialization: puppy is confident and well rounded

Additional Items

→ Weekly Health Check

→ Weekly Video Updates

→ Spay/Neuter/Health Screening (typically done by 16 weeks of age)

→ Graduation Pictures

→ Professional groom

We continue with practice and socialization started in all weeks leading up to this point.  We will be requiring puppies to give better behaviors for the same rewards and exposing them to new experiences.  This builds reliability and consistency in potty training, manners, and obedience.  Due to the variety of client needs and individual puppy abilities, some goals may vary from this list.  Your trainer will discuss these variances with you.

*Your puppy will receive around-the-clock care (24/7), in trainers’ homes, for the length of time enrolled in our program.

Vaccination Protocol

Our puppies are all weaned and ready to go home, or enter our Doodle Prep School, at eight to Twelve weeks of age depending on size. All puppies enrolled in Doodle Prep School are kept current on their vaccinations and each puppy is examined by our veterinarians as part of their regular health checkups.

SUPER Puppy Complete Program

Training Overview

This 16-week program focuses on individual learning at the most appropriate time for the puppy based on age and social development. Our trainer’s specialized knowledge of our breeds has seen your puppy through at least two fear periods, the adolescent flight phase, and other critical life stages.

Your puppy is now well-rounded and has a sound temperament as a result of the socially appropriate interactions provided by our training team.

The program will be customized for each client based on their needs, but as an overview: 


Evaluation by Trainer supervisor that the goals for Super Puppy Program have been achieved. (Goals will vary based on client needs and requests). Certificate of completion and Medal is given.

Potty Training

Potty Training – Puppies will understand what is expected of them.   They have the ability to alert to needs, as well.  Potty training has become more consistent as the puppy should be actively trying to go in the right places and hold it in the wrong ones.   They will still require a great deal of attention to continue the potty training in your home, as well as reinforcement of all the rules we have been working on with them, during the initial transition period.


Your puppy will be on a schedule of eating, drinking, and going potty that works with your household. You will receive a copy of this schedule.

Crate Training

Your dog will be crate trained and house trained, including ringing The Tell Bell to go outside if requested.


Your puppy will be well-socialized. Your puppy has had ample exposure to household and neighborhood sights, sounds, and smells.  They are well-rounded and socially appropriate. 


Your puppy will know the feedback words of “good”, “nope”, and “okay” to aid in communication.


Problems such as jumping up, mouthing (puppy nipping), and chewing are rare and should be well under control. Occasional reminders may still be needed in new or exciting situations.


Your puppy will be familiar with taking and following treats and wearing a collar and leash. Many new puppy owners do not realize how important this is in the training process, and that this does not come naturally to a puppy. It must be taught before the puppy can progress in their training


Your dog will have solid Focus.


Puppies will do “practice transitions” during this time, transitioning to another trainer’s home as they would yours.


Your puppy will have a solid understanding of the obedience commands of knowing his name, “sit”, “down”, “come”, “stay”, “touch” to say “hi”, and “leave it” with minimal difficulty. 


Your dog will be eligible to be Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certified after they have reached one year of age if you have maintained the training they received during the 16-week program.  We do a practice test during the last weeks of school.


Your puppy will be introduced to basic grooming and maintenance such as brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and teeth brushing.


Your puppy will receive age-appropriate vaccinations and dewormers as they apply to your puppy’s health schedule while in training.

Spay/Neuter & Microchip

Your dog will be spayed or neutered and your dog will be microchipped.

We are dedicated to providing the right puppy for your family.

If at any time the puppy develops behaviors that we do not feel are suitable for your family, we will advise you immediately and look for a more suitable puppy for your family. We want you and your puppy to be the PERFECT match.

**However Prep School fees beyond Block 1 are non-transferable and non-refundable.**

Training Includes our Complete Puppy Starter Kit

• Leash

• Collar

• Tell Bell

• Cassie Bear Ball

• Cow Hoof Chew Toy

• Sample of Karbo

• Hard Crate (available at pick up)

• Access to our Doodle Prep School exclusive training videos ($299 Value)

• Age Appropriate Vaccinations & Deworming (9 weeks Vaccination will be given)

• Lifelong Support

• Going Home Video

• Conference Call with a Trainer