English Goldendoodles


Breeding the best with the best. 

Here at Smeraglia Farm, we believe in pairing the best with the best. Our mission is to breed English Goldendoodles and Schnoodles that excel as companion dogs – intelligent, affectionate, and with outstanding temperaments, all while having hypoallergenic coats.

At Smeraglia, we specialize in breeding two breeds: the English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle and the Teddy Bear Schnoodle. With over a decade of experience, we have refined and perfected these breeds, each possessing numerous wonderful qualities. One of the unique features that distinguish them is their hypoallergenic, low-to-non shedding coats, making them perfect for individuals with dog allergies. In addition, they are the best breeds for service and therapy dogs that work in public areas.

So what’s a Twoodle?

We intentionally breed a Teddy Bear Twoodle by crossing a Smeraglia English Goldendoodle with a Smeraglia Schnoodle, combining the best qualities of both breeds to create the perfect companion for our clients.

Check out our Twoodle Photo Album to see them for yourself!

When we pair a Smeraglia Teddy Bear Goldendoodle with a Smeraglia Teddy Bear Schnoodle, we create an irresistible Teddy Bear Twoodle, adored by both our trainers and clients. Our trainers love their intelligence, affectionate nature, and love of snuggles. Our clients are smitten with their Twoodles’ cuteness, hypoallergenic, low-to-non-shedding coats, and the wide range of colors and sizes they come in.



Twoodle Percentage

The Twoodle has a unique formula designed by Smeraglia Enterprises…

 50% English Goldendoodle  + 50% Teddy Bear Schnoodle =

• 100% Teddy Bear Twoodle •

Why Twoodles

Why Choose A Teddy Bear Twoodle?

At our Doodle Prep School training program, we specialize in training various types of assistance dogs for people with disabilities. When we breed Specialty Companion Service & Therapy dogs, we sometimes have specific requirements for our clients, such as increased focus, endurance, drive, attentiveness, and tractability, as well as hypoallergenic coats.

We breed Twoodles occasionally to create a customized assistant dog for our clients, combining the desirable traits we see in our Goldendoodles with other essential traits found in our Schnoodles. This intentional breeding helps us to achieve our goal of producing a specialized assistant dog for our clients with the perfect blend of qualities that meet their individual needs.

What size are the Twoodles?

The sizes of a Twoodle will vary depending on the pairing of the parents. Our English Teddy Bear Twoodles parallel our Goldendoodle weights and sizes.


Teddy Bear Twoodles have a very plush, loose wavy fleece coat. They will look more like our F1 Goldendoodles but will be more allergy-friendly. 


Teddy Bear Twoodles come in a variety of colors such as; apricot, red, chocolate, chocolate & tan phantoms, black, cream, champagne, wookie and parti. Our English Teddy Bear Twoodles parallel our Goldendoodle & Schnoodles colorations.

WHAT IS THEIR Temperament?

Teddy Bear Twoodles have the laid-back gentleness and loyalty of the English Golden, great focus from the Schnauzer, along with the intelligence and hypoallergenic coat from the Poodle.

How much do they cost?

All Teddy Bear Twoodles are $3,995

Will this be the first litter of Twoodles?

No, we bred our first test litter of Twoodles in 2008. The puppies were amazing, we knew then we could continue with this new breed. Our trainer said they were some of the smartest and most focused puppies she had ever trained. They were gorgeous with amazing personalities. We still talk about Zorro, one of the males from that litter, to this day. 

This is an exclusive specialty breeding created by Smeraglia for specific clients. We assure you that you will be amazed by these incredible puppies.

Need more info? We have a very limited number of Twoodle puppies a year. If you feel that one of our Twoodles would be a perfect match for your family or if you need a small size companion dog, please feel free to give us a call….we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.