Prep School


Introduction to Crate Training & Focus  – $875

The goal of the 1st Week of our Training Program is to have the puppy introduced and able to spend time in the crate without too much fuss.  It was developed for clients that would like for us to keep their puppies for one extra week,  crate train them, and introduce them to focus and markers.  This week sets the tone for all other weeks to follow.  

The focus this week is on the transition from life in the Nursery with mom and littermates, to life in the home with a family. Learning to hold potty and sleeping in the crate alone, without a littermate, is a big step in development. This program allows your family to avoid the first few noisy and messy days of crate training. Let us lose sleep, so you do not have to! 

Baby Steps

This portion is not for anyone who wants a completely trained puppy. The 1st Week represents 1/16th of the 16-week S.U.P.E.R. Puppy Program.  You are always able to extend your stay at any time. 

1 Week Outline

The Goals During this week:

We work diligently to get the puppy on a schedule for eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, training, socializing and pottying. We stay ahead of the puppy’s need for potty breaks, to prevent accidents in the crate or around the house while the puppy adjusts to his new schedule. 

Acclimate to a New Setting

Obedience Foundations

→ Work on focus and attention (use puppy’s name if able)

→ Markers: Nope, Good, Okay

→ Introduction to using a collar and leash

→ Learning to take treats and follow lures

Crate Training

→ The goal for this week is 5-7 hours in the crate at night, quiet & potty accident-free.

→ Barking/crying at nap times minimal

House Training

→ Staying ahead of Puppy’s needs to prevent accidents

→ Working to establish a schedule that works for the Puppy

Personality & Temperament

→ Access how the puppy is handling new learning

→ Access for appropriateness for clients (Is this a good match?)

Additional Items

→ Weekly Health Check

→ Weekly Video Updates

*Your puppy will receive around-the-clock care (24/7), in trainers’ homes, for the length of time enrolled in our program.

Vaccination Protocol

Our puppies are all weaned and ready to go home, or enter our Doodle Prep School, at eight to Twelve weeks of age depending on size. All puppies enrolled in Doodle Prep School are kept current on their vaccinations and each puppy is examined by our veterinarians as part of their regular health checkups.

Training Includes our Complete Puppy Starter Kit

• Leash

• Collar

• Cassie Bear Ball

• Cow Hoof Chew Toy

• Sample of Puppy Booster Supplement

• Hard Crate (available at pick up)

• Access to our Doodle Prep School exclusive training videos ($299 Value)

• Record of Age Appropriate Vaccinations & Deworming (9 weeks Vaccination will be given)

• Transitional Support for the Training Completed

• Going Home Video

• Conference Call with a Trainer

We are dedicated to providing the right puppy for your family.

If at any time the puppy develops behaviors that we do not feel are suitable for your family, we will advise you immediately and look for a more suitable puppy for your family. We want you and your puppy to be the PERFECT match.