Prep School

BLOCK 1-Week 2

Introduction to Obedience – $1,750

The goal of the 2nd Week is to build your puppy’s love for training and learning Obedience. This week builds upon the Focus Foundation of Week One.

This program is perfect for clients that want a leg up on training but would like to do most of the training themselves. We will provide an objective evaluation of your puppy, and get your puppy comfortable with training as we introduce them to obedience commands. We will be continuing to work on your puppy’s crate training. 

Baby Steps

This portion is not for anyone who wants a completely trained puppy. The 2nd Week represents 1/8th of our  16-week S.U.P.E.R. Puppy Program.  You are always able to extend your stay at any time. 

2 Week Outline

The Goals During this week:

Focus & Commands

→ Progression of ability to focus

→ Comfortable with collar and leash

→ Introduction of ‘SIT’

→ Introduction of ‘DOWN’

→ Introduction of leash walking

→ Introduction of ‘COME’

→ Introduction of ‘LEAVE IT’


→ Limit opportunities for mistakes

→ Reward good choices

→ Ignore bad choices

Crate Training

→ Goal for this week is 5-7 hours in the crate at night, quiet & potty accident-free.

→ Barking/crying at nap times minimal

House Training

→ Staying ahead of Puppy’s needs to prevent accidents

→ Working to establish a schedule that works for the Puppy

Personality & Temperament

→ Access how the puppy is handling new learning

→ Access for appropriateness for clients (Is this a good match?)

→ Work on socialization to a human household (steps, TV, Vacuum, etc.)

Additional Items

→ Weekly Health Check

→ Weekly Video Updates

*Your puppy will receive around-the-clock care (24/7), in trainers’ homes, for the length of time enrolled in our program.

Vaccination Protocol

Our puppies are all weaned and ready to go home, or enter our Doodle Prep School, at eight to Twelve weeks of age depending on size. All puppies enrolled in Doodle Prep School are kept current on their vaccinations and each puppy is examined by our veterinarians as part of their regular health checkups.


Training Overview

During the 2nd week , we will introduce the obedience commands (name, sit, down, leave it, come, touch) in a formal way. We focus on the helper commands (sit, name, leave it) for the other aspects of training in the future. 

Potty Training

Puppies enrolled in the 2nd week have just been introduced to the potty training process. They will require a great deal of attention to continue the potty training in your home, as well as reinforcement of all the rules we have been working on with them. This aspect of the training is not complete but is made much easier for you to continue due to the familiarity with the basic training concepts.


Your puppy will be on a schedule of eating, drinking, and going potty to make house training much easier. THis schedule is based on your puppy’s needs at this point in training. You will receive a copy of this schedule.

Crate Training

Your puppy should be crate trained. Meaning in most cases, your puppy can hold potty and remain quiet overnight and for a few hours during the day.


Your puppy will be socializing. Your puppy will receive socialization throughout the day with new common household sights, sounds, and smells. This will include children and other household pets.


Your puppy will be introduced to our feedback words of “good”, “nope”, and “okay” to aid in communication.


Problems such as jumping up, mouthing (puppy nipping), and chewing will be worked on during this second week, by limiting opportunities for mistakes and reinforcing good choices.


Your puppy will be familiar with taking and following treats and wearing a collar and leash. Many new puppy owners do not realize how important this is in the training process, and that this does not come naturally to a puppy. It must be taught before the puppy can progress in their training.


Your puppy will be introduced to the training obedience commands of knowing his name, “sit”, “leave it”, “down”, & “come”.


Your puppy will be introduced to basic grooming and maintenance such as brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and teeth brushing.


Your puppy will receive age-appropriate vaccinations and dewormers as they apply to your puppy’s health schedule while in training.


We are dedicated to providing the right puppy for your family.

If at any time the puppy develops behaviors that we do not feel are suitable for your family, we will advise you immediately and look for a more suitable puppy for your family. We want you and your puppy to be the PERFECT match.

(** all training beyond Block 1 (Weeks 1-4) is non-refundable and non-transferable **)

Training Includes our Complete Puppy Starter Kit

• Leash

• Collar

• Cassie Bear Ball

• Cow Hoof Chew Toy

• Sample of Karbo

• Hard Crate (available at pick up)

• Access to our Doodle Prep School exclusive training videos ($299 Value)

• Age Appropriate Vaccinations & Deworming (9 weeks Vaccination will be given)

• Lifelong Support

• Going Home Video

• Conference Call with a Trainer