Why Doodle Prep School?

Here at Smeraglia, we realize that while it is very exciting to bring a new puppy into your home, it can be a frustrating and life-interrupting event 

The Problem  

You want a new puppy that will become your Working Partner or Family pet...but you're worried about all that comes with getting a new puppy (including the initial upset of him being away from all that he has known). Crate training, house training, chewing on your belongings, jumping on your children, puppy nipping...all of these are totally normal for your new puppy and present valid fears as a new puppy owner.

Watch Sherri's Behind the scene Vlog, Why Prep School?


Unique Training Solution

REST ASSURED, we can now offer you a solution with our varied Doodle Prep School Programs. We know those first few days, weeks, and months of your puppy's new family life are critical for his/her happy and healthy development, as well as a lifetime of harmony in your home. 

Our Doodle Prep School is a unique training program that was created exclusively for our clients to help our new puppies make the transition from their mother and littermates to their new family and home environment, and then train them to become the puppy that will meet your future needs. Doodle Prep School is designed to allow you the best of both worlds. You can now get a new puppy without all of those new puppy issues. Our satisfied clients feel it's easier for their puppy to begin the training straight from the breeder versus trying to interview and hire a trainer in their area. You can rest assured we will train your dog to the program of your choosing.

Expert Training

  • Our Doodle Prep School Trainers are experts in the field of English Goldendoodle training.
  • They have great integrity. They are highly qualified and certified trainers you can trust with your puppy.
  • Each trainer works 24/7 and has over 24,000 hours of training experience.
  • Our trainers have trained more Goldendoodles than anyone in the world
  • Our trainers know our parent dogs and their offspring. They adjust each puppies training based on that knowledge.
  • They understand the sensitivity of the English Goldendoodle and always train in a positive and rewarding way.
  • Our training techniques are tried and proven.
  • They know how to train our puppies during the most critical weeks of their lives.
  • They know what works and what does not work.
  • They know how to introduce new things to our puppies in a way that lay the groundwork to a happy, well-adjusted doodle.
  • They ensure all training is a positive experience for our puppies.

Our Concerns

  • If English Goldendoodle puppies are placed with a trainer that is not familiar with the English Goldendoodle, there could be life long damaging results.
  • It is very difficult and often times impossible to undo the negative behaviors a doodle developed during these fear imprint periods.
  • Dogs that are denied socialization during this critical Socialization Period often become unpredictable because they are fearful or aggressive.
  • Any traumatic, painful or frightening experiences can have a lasting impact. This is why we highly suggest that all puppies go to a minimum of 4 weeks of Prep School.

The Reason Why

During the first 4 weeks of Doodle Prep School, your puppy will go through two of the Most Important Socialization Periods and Fear Imprint Periods of their lives. 

What's Happening from 8-12 Weeks of age?

  •  “Lasting impact, rapid learning” happens from 8-12 weeks of age.  It is VITAL that proper training techniques are used.
  •  Goldendoodle puppies have short attention spans.
  •  Things learned are permanent and will be resistant to change.
  •  Puppies are eager to learn.
  •  What they learn now, will be seen as an adult.
  •  Puppy’s temperament and personality become more apparent.
  •  Puppy will be transitioning their education from mother to the human environment.

What We Do

  • We train the "Doodle Prep School" program of your choice.
  • We train the puppy to your schedule, not ours.
  • We gradually introduce your puppy to new things, environments and people.
  • We make their training experiences positive (providing treats or toys).
  • We don’t push puppies into fearful situations – we take things slowly and allow puppies to adjust and get used to the situation.
  • We will control their environment and we do not let others push our puppies or be forceful with them.
  • We will provide a secure comforting demeanor to help puppies trust people.
  • We teach puppies to look to their family for protection and leadership.
  • We keep all puppies up to date on age appropriate vaccinations and medical protocol while they are with us.
  • We send a video of each puppy and their trainer to the puppy's family every single week they are in our Doodle Prep School.
  • We provide after care support for the program that your dog completed.
  • We also offer virtual & in person continued training sessions for $150 Virtual and $185 in person per hour.