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We are committed to providing the highest quality care for our dogs and clients, in a manner that glorifies God, in an atmosphere that is professional, upbeat, unpredictable and unique in every way.

Reputation is very important to me. As a Christian, I live my life by the principles of the Bible. We are a Chris-centered, client-focused, Doodle-loving company. 

There is a passage in the book of Proverbs that reads, “A good name is better to be chosen than great riches”. I operate my business with this motto. For over 20 years we have worked with many families and have developed many wonderful relationships. Many of our clients come from the referrals of previous puppy owners. We have several second, third, fourth,s and even fifth-time repeat puppy owners. I have to warn you, our puppies are addictive. Many people can’t have just one!

As with any business that works with people, issues arise and need to be resolved. Our goal is to handle any concern from a client with fairness and the highest ethical standards.

Susan Grau


“If I could give 10 stars it would not be enough to share the amazing experience I have had with my new puppy. Teddy bear golden doodles (Smeraglia’s enterprises). From beginning to end there has not yet been one thing that was a flag or made me feel as if I wasn’t the only
Client they have. I want to start with the office Sabrina and Sara and everyone there, I must’ve called 50 times and each time I was treated with respect and got all the attention and answered questions that I needed without one sigh. They were so thorough. I want to thank Carol for searching for my puppy for me and for taking such an interest as did everyone… in my receiving the exact puppy that was meant for me. Joy my puppies trainer what an amazing human being & trainer. Joy went above and beyond and was always available to me to help me walk through any questions I had and show me the ropes of training. I also know she brought my baby into her home and made her part of her family and to me that’s priceless you just can’t put a number on that. This is the most professional outstanding dog loving place I have ever witnessed. If you are lucky enough to get a doodle from them you will be thrilled from beginning to end. I could go on for hours letting you know how amazing each and everyone of the people there are. And that’s to include the owner who I don’t know personally and have not met but feel personal with her simply because of her videos and her updates etc. on Instagram. You can’t do better. Here are some pictures of my baby after a couple weeks of training. Joy, thank you beyond measure for everything. You are a godsend and I’m very grateful for all the time that you’ve given me as a scared new big dog owner. I just cannot say enough. Thank you everyone. What an amazing place, all those puppies are lucky and loved. It’s clean caring it’s just a phenomenal loving environment for the animals. My daughter also got a puppy at Smeraglia’s enterprises and she felt the same way. It is a whole experience getting a dog from them! Blessings to you all

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