How to Adopt

Allergy Visits

The absolute best way to determine if you are allergic is to come and visit with the puppies.

All puppy visits are not the same and our exclusive allergy visit is a unique puppy visit experience. Allergy visits are only for approved clients that have submitted the application and deposit.

What should I expect?

You and your guests will be hosted in an allergy-friendly room inside the Smeraglia Estate where you will be introduced to several ( three or four) allergy-friendly puppies. We will begin with our most allergy-friendly puppy and then move through the puppies until we see a reaction….Hopefully, we will not see any reaction and you will feel more confident it adopting one of our puppies.


Puppy Deposit of $175

The deposit covers the cost of the allergy visit which typically takes one to two hours and covers the specialty grooming on the puppies prior to the visit.

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T-Shirt Test

The T-Shirt Allergy Test is a scientifically proven procedure that we developed right here at Smeraglia.

We breed low to non-shedding and allergy-friendly hybrid Breeds, which means that we have a lot of clients that are mild to severely allergic to dogs. One of the hardest situations that we have experienced is having a puppy returned because their new family finds out they are allergic.

We developed this test in 2011. To date, it has proven to be 98% successful (!), although we cannot guarantee results. We have administered over 200 tests, and we have only had 5 failed tests.  The T-shirt allergy test is an excellent tool to help determine if you can tolerate one of our puppies before meeting them. 

We have developed an exclusive process that exposes the T-Shirt to the particular puppy’s dander & saliva.  Once the process has been completed, we EXPEDITE the T-Shirt via UPS or USPS to the client with the allergy. Once the T-Shirt arrives and the client puts it on, the results will be clear within 30 minutes.

Cost of $225

What’s Included?

T-shirt • Allergen exposure process • Rush / Overnight Fees