Puppy Care

Get Prepared For Your Puppy’s Arrival!

Getting your home ready and brushing up on your puppy care knowledge will ensure a happy and comfortable transition for you both. We’ve created this resource page to help you. Our puppies are generally pretty easy to care for. Avoid exposing your puppy to physically stressful situations, such as frequent stair climbing or standing on concrete for long periods of time during his formative years. Make sure your puppy has plenty of exercise on a regular basis, and socialize whenever possible. Don’t overdo it in the first few months. Remember, Puppies need lots of rest and should have scheduled naps every day.


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NuVet Vitamins


Smeraglia Goldendoodle puppies are started on NuVet Plus Vitamins before they go home. We highly recommend this vitamin for your new puppy. Every dog that goes home gets started on NuVet vitamins. I believe in them and think they are the reason we only see the Vet for routine care. VITAMINS WE USE AND RECOMMEND!

Puppy Care

Why Should I Give my Pet Nuvet?

NuVet scientists, veterinarians and formulators began with the premise that most pet diets are lacking the proper amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. There are important nutrients that animals once received when they were living in a more primitive environment that are not available in the modern diet. Commercial pet foods contain numerous by-products that can make them poisonous, toxic and incapable of reducing the devastating effects of unstable oxygen molecules, also known a free radicals. Free radicals have been implicated in more than fifty health problems in humans and animals including various forms of cancer, heart disease, arthritis, cataracts and premature aging.

Major considerations in formulating NuVet Plus® were the human grade quality of ingredients and their nutritional values, as well as the bio digestibility and utilization into the cellular framework. We also considered the chemicals and toxins that find their way into our animals’ food. NuVet Plus® was formulated to combat these harmful pollutants.

NuVet Labs® has designed a cutting edge formula that we believe will help increase your pet’s longevity and quality of life. Our scientists performed extensive research and experiments with a variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs, until they created NuVet Plus®, which provides a powerful synergistic defense against the harm caused by free radicals.

NuVet Plus is independently tested and recommended by leading veterinarians. They are made from human-grade, natural ingredients and formulated over a period of 8 years by physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, and animals.

Studies show that feeding your dog NuVet can significantly reduce the risk or eliminate many problems that can strike your pet including:

• Scratching • Itching • Hot Spots • Allergies • Arthritis • Premature Aging
• Low Energy Levels • Cataracts • Digestive Problems • Heart Disease • Tumors


Order Your NuVet Vitamins,
only $4 a week

Order Nuvet Vitamins Now!

You cannot purchase NuVet Vitamins in a pet store. They must be ordered online or by calling. Your puppy kit will come with a 6-day supply. You will need to order these before your puppy comes home. It takes about a week to get them.


Order your Nuvet Plus Vitamins by Phone:


Please use order code 888888 when ordering by phone.

Puppy Care


Puppy Food is the foundation of good health. We know, as new parents it can be overwhelming to decide which food will give our pets the proper nutrition to live healthy, vibrant long lives. In our Nursery… our puppies are weaned to Purina ProPlan “Focus” Salmon & Rice puppy food, because it’s packed with nutrients that make our puppies the absolute best. It is readily available all over the country which makes it easy for our clients to find. We believe this is one of the best dog foods on the market that can be purchased retail. Most of the top winning show dogs at Westminster are fed Purina Plan resulting in champions. If your prefer an organic option, We highly recommend that you consider Life’s Abundance Dog Food, it is the adult food that we prefer.

Purina Pro Plan the Food of Champions

Purina Pro Plan offers an array of dog food products, specially formulated to meet your dog’s unique needs throughout their whole life. If you want to change your puppies’ food We suggest that you purchase one 30 lb. Bag of ProPlan Salmon & Rice Puppy food for your puppy’s arrival and gradually wean them to the new food.

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Lifes Abundance Holistic Food

We're Been here before, Tried out all the others and now we've circled back around to this food as the adult food for life. This is the Food that Sherri highly recommends once you transition your puppy home. This is an organic food that does not have preservatives, so it cannot sit on store shelves for two years. Preservatives can cause G.I issues and digestion issues, which we prefer to avoid. Life’s Abundance is drop ship only and it is batched fresh and sent to you. You will need to set-up your account for your food delivery.
Once your puppy arrives home we suggest that you feed them one large bag of the Pro Plan Salmon & Rice puppy food. When it’s half gone, mix the remainder with the Life’s Abundance puppy food. After this is finished you can transition your puppy 100% to Life’s Abundance.

These are the holistic, organic products that I recommend from Life's Abundance:
Large Breed Puppy, Small & Medium Breed Puppy, Adult Life


For our Older Goldendoodles and any dog that doesn't do well on Life's Abundance, pawTree is an excellent choice! We have so many puppy owners that love this food for their dogs. We recommend Pawtree and their products as long as you stay away from the grain free options. This is a good food that can be personalized to your dog and their specific needs.


How Much to Feed?

Your puppy kit will include a small bag that will last a few days. Do not overfeed regardless of the pet’s acceptance and eagerness. Overfeeding is the most common cause of digestive upset in pets. Make sure you purchase the food before your puppy comes home. If you live in the south It often times only takes 1-2 days for the food to be delivered fresh. In other states it’s usually within 2-3 days. If you’re going to switch to another brand of food. Please, do this gradually. Most Vets recommend you start out 3 parts old and 1 part new food. Gradually increase the new food over a 2 week period. Puppies have sensitive stomachs, the less stress you put on their systems, especially when they’re changing homes, leaving littermates, Mom, etc. the better.

There are 146 cups of food in a 40lb. bag. Puppies eat 1/2 a cup, 3 times a day. A 40 pound bag will last 12 plus weeks. A 50lb dog will eat 2 cups a day. A 40 pound bag will last a 50 pound dog approximately 10.5 weeks. There is a very convenient calculator on the order page of the Life’s Abundance website.

Puppy Proofing

Just like child-proofing your house for children, you will likely want to puppy-proof your house for your new puppy. Puppies chew things. Everything below four feet is fair game. Expect it and prepare for it.

One of the best solutions is to offer a wide variety of puppy-safe chew products, scattered over each open floor in the house. If the pup is going to chew, you might as well control what he is chewing.


• Use child-proof locks to keep substances like pesticides, medicines, and cleaning products locked up and away from your pup.

• Don’t give puppies rawhide strips when they are very young, even rawhide strips can be dangerous. Never give these to your puppy unsupervised.

• Be aware that some foods and plants are toxic to dogs.

• Avoid heatstroke, don’t leave your puppy locked in the car.

• After your puppy comes home, there are health risks for Parvo. You should NOT allow your puppy to be out in public places until after the Parvo vaccinations have been completed, around 12-16 weeks. The best way to avoid parvo infection in your dog is to adhere to the recommended vaccination schedule which begins when puppies are 6-8 weeks of age.

• Puppies should not be allowed to socialize with other dogs or frequent areas where other dogs have been until two weeks after they have had their last vaccination. Immunization for Parvo is usually included in your dog’s distemper vaccine. This shot gives protection against several potentially fatal canine diseases all at the same time.


Each Puppy will come home with a very detailed health record and Health Guarantee enclosed in their puppy kit. Please take the health record to your vet when you go in for your puppy’s first check-up.


Grooming Tips

Just like child-proofing your house for children, you will likely want to puppy-proof your house for your new puppy. Puppies chew things. Everything below four feet is fair game. Expect it and prepare for it.

One of the best solutions is to offer a wide variety of puppy-safe chew products, scattered over each open floor in the house. If the pup is going to chew, you might as well control what he is chewing.


Check out our Goldendoodle grooming video and products at FletchandLo.com
Bath Time

Although it may be tempting to bathe your Teddy Bear often, English Goldendoodles only require baths when it’s obvious that one is necessary. Otherwise, their coat and skin will lose the necessary oils and moisture.

Your New Puppy (Shopping) Checklist


From Fletch & Lo. Grab all the essentials you need with our signature Deluxe kit. This kit include all your starter needs to care and love your pet.



Paper towels (Lots of paper towels)

• Old bath towels for puppy’s crate. Once the puppy is reliably crate trained, a “real” crate bed can be used.

• Old blanket to cover a wire or plastic crate

• Cotton balls for cleaning ears

• Hydrogen Peroxide (to induce vomiting, if necessary)

• 100% Pure Canned Pumpkin (from the baking aisle of your grocery store). Pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber. When the puppy has diarrhea or constipation, a tablespoon or two with every meal for several days should help alleviate symptoms. Freeze excess in ice cube tray.

• Baby gate(s) – baby supply stores generally have more choices and are cheaper than pet stores. Be aware that horizontal bars can provide a foothold for climbing puppies. Also consider the spacing between bars, as sometimes it is large enough for little puppies to get caught.

• Malacetic Ear Wash

• Tell Bell – Potty Training System

• Puppy Shampoo & Spritz: Pride & Groom / Pure & Good

• Toothbrush Kit: We use the Fresh Breath Toothbrush & Paste

• Ear Wipes: We use Natural Rapport ~ (The Only Ear Wipes Dogs Need)

• Chew Hooves – The Puppy Pacifier, your puppy has been chewing these in the nursery

• Toys: Click here are some of our favorites at fletchandlo.com

• Pooper scooper & Poop bags

• Food and water bowls

• Storage bin for dry food

• Adjustable nylon collar with plastic clasp. 10-inch to 14-inch size for standard or medium Doodle Puppies, smaller for smaller puppies.

• I.D. Tag

• 6-foot leash

• 15 foot or longer (up to 50 foot) training leash(es)

• Plastic crate for crate training

• Another good idea is the double-door folding crate with divider (we like both Midwest and Precision brands)

• Medium – Standard Sized Doodles need at least a 42-inch crate, and we recommend the 48-inch. Smaller Doodles can use a 36-inch crate.

• Travel crate for car until puppy is big enough to wear a car harness. Smeraglia’s favorite Car Harness.

Training Books

For a new puppy owner, there are some excellent positive training books.

Our Recommendations

• Ian Dunbar: Before and After Getting Your Puppy

• Pat Miller: The Power of Positive Dog Training

• Patricia McConnell: Family Friendly Dog Training; Way To Go-How To House Train A Dog of Any Age

Our Recommendations for Clicker training

• Melissa Alexander: Click for Joy

• Emma Parsons: Click To Calm

• Karen Pryor: Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs

• Peggy Tillman: Clicking With Your Dog

Other Recommendations

• Robin Bennett: Off-Leash Dog Play

• Trish King: Parenting Your Dog

• Patricia McConnell: The Other End of the Leash, How To Be Leader of the Pack, Play Together-Stay Together

• Pat Miller: Play With Your Dog, Positive Perspectives

• Leslie Nelson: Video – Reliable Recall

• Colleen Pelar: Living with Kids and Dogs Without Losing Your Mind

• Karen Pryor: Don’t Shoot the Dog

• Turid Rugaas: On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals

• Linda Tellington-Jones: Getting In Touch With Your Dog

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