We promise to operate with excellence, integrity, and love.

We embrace our responsibility to train, breed, and care for our dogs & puppies in a healthy, happy & humane environment. so that they will make a positive impact on their communities, families, and the world,  All the while, celebrating the sheer love and joy of them as individuals. 


Sherri Smeraglia

Sherri Smeraglia is a native of beautiful South Alabama where she lives in her own little slice of Heaven called Smeraglia Farm. She is the owner and CEO of several successful businesses including Smeraglia Enterprises Inc., Marigold Holdings, Top Dog Holdings & Kelston Products.

She is an entrepreneur, product inventor, marketing guru and a passionate dog lover who changed the dog world by creating the extremely popular dog breed English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles.  When her child became severely allergic to the family dog she was  inspired to create the original English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle which made having a family pet possible  again. She went on to create other allergy friendly breeds, the Teddy Bear Schnoodle and the Teddy Bear Twoodle.

When Sherri learned that the number one reason dogs lose their lives is due to behavioral problems, she opened Smeraglia’s Doodle Prep School and has successfully trained service, therapy and companion dogs for people all over the world. She lives her life to the fullest as a wife, teacher, life coach, speaker, author of three books and mother of five beautiful children, Jacob, Lauren, Lukas, Joe and Natalie. She is Gigi to Arlo and Eve her grandchildren. Her life motto is to Love God, Love People, Love Dogs!


Meredith Crigler

Meredith joined the Smeraglia team back in 2009 as our photographer.  

Meredith graduated from Auburn University in 2000 with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies.  Her educational background, along with an immediate love for this company allowed her to easily assume the role of Manager in 2011 while continuing to do puppy marketing and photography.

Meredith has a genuine love for people and nature.  She is passionate about our puppies and pours her heart and soul into her work.  The love for what she does is evident in every picture and video that she shares.  She can not contain her smile when she is talking about one of our babies.  She believes fully in the goodness of each puppy that we raise and the heart behind our mission.

Meredith has three spoiled Smeraglia dogs of her own whom she adores.  Her passions outside of puppies are family and farming. She is “Myno” to seven precious nieces and nephews who mean the entire world to her.

When she is not spending time with family, she is probably in her overalls on the farm. She has 5 acres with a large vegetable garden that she and her tractor “Otis” meticulously tend to. Meredith has become part of the vision that is Smeraglia.  She shares the heart of the company and looks forward to many more years with this God-inspiring, dog-loving, one-of-a-kind establishment.


Carol Turberville

Carol joined the Smeraglia team back in 2006 as our Prep School Trainer. She has been married for 25 years to her husband, Charles, who is also our Training Services Manager (and they make a dynamic duo). They have two boys. Christoper is a Junior at Davidson College majoring in Neuropsychology and he is also the Center on the football team. Cody is in high school and plays baseball; he also has a quick wit and brings a lot of laughs everywhere he goes.

As the only female in the family, Carol was outnumbered by the males, so she adopted Karis, a former breeding Dam in our breeding program. Karis has helped to even things out in the Turberville fam and has become one of the family. They have a miniature farm where they live with Karis, two cats, as well as lots of chickens and ducks. Carol is an animal lover through and through, and it shows everyday as her role with Smeraglia’s has morphed over the years from a Trainer to our Animal Care Manager, and lots of roles in between). Her knowledge and experience in dog training has proven extremely valuable as she has provided the necessary foundations for our trainers to serve our Prep School team as the most experienced trainers in the world for our Smeraglia breeds.

Most people know a little bit about a few things. We think Carol is one of those rare exceptions who knows a LOT about everything and is an invaluable wealth of knowledge for everyone on our Dog Care Team and Adoption Team. She has the heart of the company in mind and you will be hard pressed to find someone who cares about the well-being of our animals more than Carol. She loves our puppies, is passionate about our mission, and is one of the reasons that our program gets better every year.