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Honoring Our Heroes and Beloved Dogs This Memorial Day

As we approach Memorial Day, we take a moment to honor the brave men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country. Their courage and dedication inspire us every day. This year, we want to extend our gratitude by also celebrating the loyal companions who have touched our lives—our beloved doodles and other dogs.


Memorial Day Goldendoodle

A Tribute to Our Heroes

Memorial Day is a time to remember and honor the sacrifices made by our military heroes. Their selflessness and bravery have shaped our nation and safeguarded our freedoms. As we pay tribute to these remarkable individuals, we also acknowledge the unwavering support and joy that our pets bring into our lives.

A Call to Action – Share Your Stories

This Memorial Day, we want to hear from you! We invite you to share the stories of the dogs that have made a significant impact on your life, your family, or the world around you. Whether it’s a dog who provided comfort during tough times, one who brought endless joy and laughter, or a service dog who made life more accessible, we want to celebrate them all.

How to Participate:

• Share a Photo and a Story: Post a picture of the dog you’d like to honor (if you have one) and write a brief description of why this dog is special to you. What made them stand out? How did they impact your life or the lives of others? Use the hashtag #DoodleHeroes and tag us @teddybearGoldendoodles on social media or post directly in the comments section of this blog.


As we honor the brave men and women this Memorial Day, let’s also celebrate the beloved dogs who have touched our lives. We look forward to reading your stories and seeing your photos. Together, let’s create a heartfelt tribute that honors both our heroes and our cherished pets.

have a safe and happy memorial day.
With heart felt to gratitude,
Sherri Smeraglia

A Note from sherri

It's a Labor of Love for me

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through my blog. Every word penned here comes straight from my heart, as I aim to share with you the knowledge and insights I’ve gathered over the years. My deepest hope is that you find joy, inspiration, and perhaps a little bit of wisdom in these pages. Remember, this journey we’re on together is all about the love and connection we share with our furry friends. So, sit back, enjoy the read, and let’s continue to grow and learn in this beautiful adventure of companionship.

Warmest wishes,

Sherri Smeraglia