F1 English Goldendoodles

F1 English Goldendoodles (Our Classic English Goldendoodle).

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The First Generation (F1) Goldendoodle is the result of a Poodle crossed with an English Golden Retriever. These Goldendoodle Puppies are 50% English Golden Retriever & 50% Poodle. F1 Goldendoodles are compatible for most families with MILD allergies. My kids that are allergic to dogs can tolerate the F1 Generation, but everyone is different and I'd suggest a T-shirt test for anyone with dog allergies that wants a F1 Goldendoodle. 

Our F1 Goldendoodles will have ultra cream, red, apricot or black coats. They are very consistant in coat types and generally have very nice plush to loose wavy coats. Occasionally a F1 breeding will produce a more plush curly coat. Most first generation Goldendoodles shed lightly.  Some can have moderate shedding.  If you are coming from a Golden or Lab, you most likely will think the F1 Goldendoodles are non shedding.  F1 Goldendoodles are compatible for most families with Mild allergies.  We rarely have a curly coated English F1.  They mostly produce loose wavy gorgeous plush coats. I have noticed that some of my more curly F1's do not shed at all.

F1 English Goldendoodles come in two sizes (please note these are approximate weights, we do not guarantee weights or heights)

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  • Small - F1 English Goldendoodles DO NOT Come is this size
  • Medium – Approximately 35-50 pounds
  • Standard - Approximately 55+ pounds  

T-Shirt Allergy Tests

We can provide a T-Shirt Allergy Test for clients that want to determine if they can tolerate a puppy from this generation (please note there is a $125 fee for this service).