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Temperament Rules

Understanding Our Golden Doodle Puppy Temperament Testing at Smeraglia

At Smeraglia, we believe in nurturing the best qualities in our doodle puppies. That’s why we conduct a detailed temperament test at 42 days of age. This test is not just a routine check; it’s a window into each puppy’s unique personality and development.

Why We Test: Unveiling the Puppy’s Character

Age-Specific Behavior: Our tests are designed to understand the puppy’s behavior at specific developmental stages. From 4-5 weeks, when they’re just discovering the world, to 7-8 weeks, when their personalities become more distinct.

Predict Future Behavior: By observing them at these crucial stages, we predict how they might behave and interact in various situations in the future.

Identify Strengths and Challenges: Every puppy has its own set of strengths and areas that need support. Our tests help in identifying these early on.


The Importance of Early Testing

Customized Care:Understanding a puppy’s temperament allows us to tailor our care and training methods to meet their individual needs.

Better Matches: It helps us in making informed decisions when matching puppies with their forever families, ensuring a harmonious fit.


A Glimpse, Not a Verdict

Development is Dynamic: It’s important to remember that these tests provide a snapshot of the puppy’s personality at seven weeks. Puppies grow and mature at different rates, and their personalities can evolve.

Training and Adaptation: Issues identified early on are not fixed traits. Through our exclusive Doodle Prep School program, we work with each puppy, regardless of their initial assessment, guiding them towards behaviors that make them wonderful companions.


Reassurance for Doodle Owners

No Cause for Alarm: These tests are not indicators of future problems but are tools to understand each puppy better. They should not be a source of worry.

Commitment to Excellence: We are committed to the well-being and development of our doodle puppies. Our goal is to ensure they grow into well-adjusted, happy, and loving companions.

Through our temperament testing and training, we strive to bring out the best in each doodle, preparing them for a lifetime of love, joy, and companionship. Here’s to a new year filled with the promise of happy, healthy, and well-trained doodle friends! 🌟🐕

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