Our Exclusive Prep School Programs were designed to meet the needs of our clients. Everyone has different training goals.

You need to determine which program will best fit your busy lifestyle. Consider your families needs and let us know the time and energy you are willing to commit to your new addition before you enroll your puppy in Doodle Prep School. 

The COMPLETE Companion Puppy Training is the 16-week program. Each week that a puppy is enrolled in Doodle Prep School they are learning the outlined goals for that week. Our program is very detailed and precise. Puppies have to be taught systematically. Our program was developed to teach new concepts each week and then to reinforce them. If you do the one week program you have basically done 1/16th of our program.

Our Doodle Prep School Programs


  • The One Week Crate Training & 9wk Vaccine                                $685.00
  • The Introductory 2-week Program                                                     $1,370.00
  • The 4 Week Stay & Train Program                                                     $2,740.00
  • The 6 Week Stay & Train Program                                                     $4,110.00
  • The 8 Week Stay & Train STAR Puppy Program                            $5,480.00
  • The Complete Companion 16-week Program                                 $10,960.00  
  • One Hour Virtual Training Sessions                                                 $189.95
  • One Week Virtual Training                                                                 $685.00
  • One Hour Training Sessions at Smeraglia                                      $189.95
  • Daily Prep School Price (After One Week Minimum)                   $98.00
  • *NOTICE: Credit Cards & PayPal Have 3% Fees That Are Passed On To You. 

Payment Options: 

Smeraglia offers several convenient payment options. It is our goal to offer superior and efficient service to all of our customers. The following are several payment options currently available to you.

  • PAY IN PERSON: with cash, check, or money order or by using a debit/credit card* (Amex, Discover Visa or MasterCard only).
  • PAY BY PHONE: with your debit/credit card* (Amex, Discover Visa or MasterCard only).
  • PAY WITH PAYPAL: Send payment from your PayPal account*. 
  • MAIL PAYMENT: Send a Check, Cashiers Check or Money Order. 
  • ELECTRONIC DRAFT: Pay with a monthly electronic draft using either your checking account or a debit/credit card (Amex, Discover Visa or MasterCard only).

*NOTICE: Credit Cards & Paypal Have 3.5% Fees That Are Passed On To You. 

If you are interested in any of the services listed above or have any questions concerning the services listed above, please don’t hesitate to come by our office or contact us via email or by phone.

Service & Therapy Dog Programs
Service & Therapy Dog Training is customized specifically for your individual needs. The puppy will need to complete the 16-week program to be eligible to begin Service Dog or Therapy Dog programs. 
Please Note: We do not train phase II & III of Service dog training, that will be done by a local trainer in your area.
We Can Customize Any Program
Our Doodle Prep School Training Programs are available to meet your needs, so it is important that you read through each program and let us know which one will best meet your goals. If you need more, our highly certified trainers can customize the program.
This fee is due to reserve your spot. Consider your family needs and let us know the time and energy you are willing to commit to your new addition before you enroll your puppy in Doodle Prep School.
Limited Space So Sign Up Early To Reserve Your Spot
The number of puppies attending Prep School at the same time is limited in order to maximize each individual puppy’s time with the trainer. Because of this, early enrollment is recommended for all programs. 
We believe this is the single most important decision that you can make to ensure that your new puppy will be happy, well rounded and loved a member of your family for years to come.
THANK-YOU for investing in your puppy's future by choosing to send your puppy to our Exclusive Doodle Prep School.....This will have life long positive results.