How It Works

Instead of immediately coming home, your puppy will leave our Smeraglia Family and be trained by one of our skilled, dedicated trainers. 

They will actually stay in a trainer's home and become an active member of their family. Once there, the trainer will work with your puppy on a daily basis to get them ready to come to YOUR home. We offer a number of different programs that can be custom tailored to meet your family's individual needs for training and timing. The length of your puppy’s stay depends on your personal request and expectations as a puppy owner. 

Watch our In The Know Vlog about our Doodle Prep School

Our Exclusive Prep School Programs were designed to meet the needs of our clients. Everyone has different training goals. You will need to determine which program will best fit your busy lifestyle. 

Consider your family needs and let us know the time and energy you are willing to commit to your new addition before you enroll your puppy in Doodle Prep School.  

The Complete Companion Training is our 16-week S.U.P.E.R puppy program. Each week that a puppy is enrolled in Doodle Prep School they are learning the outlined goals for that week. Our program is very detailed and precise. Puppies have to be taught systematically.

Our program was developed to teach new concepts each week and then to reinforce them. If you do the one week program you have basically done 1/16th of our program.  

  • The One Week Crate Training & 9wk Vaccine                                $ 685.00

  • The Introductory 2-week Program                                                     $1,370.00

  • The 4 Week Stay & Train Program                                                     $2,740.00

  • The 6 Week Stay & Train Program                                                     $4,110.00

  • The 8 Week Stay & Train STAR Puppy Program                            $5,480.00

  • The Complete Companion 16-week Program                                 $10,960.00  

The 16-week Complete Foundational Prep School Program is $10,960.00 (Spay/Neuter included in price)  
Before Your Puppy Arrives at Prep School
Before your puppy is scheduled to arrive at Prep School, you will need to fill out a questionnaire which will outline important information needed by your trainer to allow us to tailor the training process to your family needs. Generally, most puppies are ready for school by eight weeks of age.
Prep School Dates
Prep School typically starts on Thursday and ends the following Wednesday. This allows for a Thursday pickups.  If you are unable to pick up on Thursday or have your puppy delivered, your puppy may continue their training at a cost of $98 per day to allow us to better accommodate your schedule. Days can be adjusted by request. Please know if there are any problems or questions with your puppy while at school, you will be contacted immediately.
You can expect to receive a video update by the end of business day Friday that your puppy is at school.
All programs include regular weekly video updates, training supplies, and ongoing Vet care to ensure that your puppy remains up to date on vaccinations while in our care. We can also arrange a video conference or in-person consultation with your Prep School Trainer after your puppy arrives home as well as telephone or e-mail support. Your puppy will go home with instructions and a detailed schedule so that you can continue the training process when they arrive home.
Your puppy kit will include a collar, leash, toy, chew toy, full medical record, among other items to get started right away. A crate is provided complementary for Prep School puppies who are picked up in -person or delivered via our Doodle Dash or Uber service.
You can rest assured that your puppy will be well cared for and given much love and affection while at Puppy Prep School.
They will be well socialized while in our program. Our trainers use scientifically proven reward based training methods. The ultimate goal for all of us is for there to be a PERFECT MATCH with each new puppy to their new family. 
Communicating with the Trainers
The majority of the trainer's time is spent training your puppy, therefore, e-mails and phone calls should be directed to our Prep School Coordinator at Any questions and/or concerns will be addressed in a timely fashion.  All questions and concerns directed specifically to your trainer will be addressed in your Friday video.
We, along with our puppies, have built a trusting relationship with our dedicated trainers. Each of them has had wonderful results training our puppies. We believe we are blessed to have some of the best trainers in the world!! 
If at any time after your puppy arrives home, you wished that your puppy had stayed longer for more training, don't worry, we now offer virual training sessions for $189.95 hour.  If you live near Smeraglia, we can schedule 1 hr training sessions at the Chapel Barn for $185 per hour. Just give the office a call and we will be happy to set-up your continued training sessions.