F1 Small Teddybear Schnoodle

“Suki” ~ Harlem Red


Size: Small
Ribbon: Red

Puppy Price: $2,895
8 Weeks of Doodle Prep School: $5,560

Meet Suki, the adorable F1 Small Teddybear Schnoodle at Smeraglia! Suki is not only irresistibly cute, but she also happens to be the epitome of hypoallergenic bliss. As a Schnoodle, she belongs to the low to non-shedding breed, making her the perfect companion for those with allergies. Suki's silky smooth loose wavy ultra cream-colored hair is a sight to behold, accentuated by her charming light apricot ears. With every touch, her soft fur brings comfort and warmth to those lucky enough to stroke it. But Suki's beauty is not just skin-deep. This little ball of joy is known for her gentle and caring nature. Her heart is filled with an abundance of love and kindness, and all she wants is to be by your side, nurturing and showering you with affection. To further enhance her natural qualities, Suki has enrolled in the esteemed 8-week Doodle Prep School Program. This dedicated education ensures she grows up to be a well-rounded and obedient companion, making her a true joy to be around. Suki is not just a teddy bear come to life; she is a loving, hypoallergenic dream wrapped in a fur coat. With her delightful personality, silky-smooth hair, and endless capacity for care, Suki is ready to bring happiness and love into your life.

Pricing after $305.33 deposit. Prep school can be added at checkout! :)

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December 24, 2022
June 29, 2023
Harlem & Johnny

Prep School (8 Week Stay)