F1B Small Teddybear Goldendoodle

“Sparky”~ Mercedes Blue


Size: Small
Ribbon: Blue

Pricing after $305.33 deposit. Prep school can be added at checkout! :)

Meet our little bundle of energy, Sparkplug Teddy, Sparky for short. 🐶 This tiny Teddybear Goldendoodle may be small, but he’s bursting with personality. With his adorable chocolate nose and bright, light eyes, he’s a real heart-stealer. 💖
sparky’s pint-sized but full of confidence and spunk. He’s got a zest for life that’s infectious, and he’s always up for a new adventure. 🌟
We named him Sparkplug Teddy” because he’s the spark that lights up our days! He’s gonna change the world one Paw at a time.

Once you have submitted your puppy application, you can adopt me right off the page by clicking the adopt me button.

July 15, 2023
October 7, 2023
Mercedes & Hudson