F1B Large Teddybear Schnoodle

“Emerald” ~ Lucinda Red


Size: Large
Ribbon: Red

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Meet Emerald, the adorable F1B Large Teddybear Schnoodle with a heart as warm and fuzzy as her cuddly fur. Hailing from the renowned Smeraglia breeding program, Emerald is the epitome of hypoallergenic perfection. As a Schnoodle, she possesses a unique combination of Schnauzer and Poodle genes, making her the ultimate companion for those with allergies. But Emerald's charm goes far beyond her hypoallergenic qualities. With her gentle nature and intuitive personality, she has all the makings of a potential therapy dog. She has an uncanny ability to sense and provide comfort to those in need, spreading joy and love wherever she goes. One can't help but be mesmerized by Emerald's stunning emerald-colored eyes. They sparkle with warmth and intelligence, reflecting the depths of her compassionate soul. Her eyes are windows to a world filled with unconditional love and endless loyalty. Emerald's beauty extends to her luscious coat, adorned in shades of rich brown and pure white. Her adorable face bears endearing brown markings, perfectly accentuating her captivating features. And let's not forget her chocolate-colored nose, which adds the perfect finishing touch to her irresistible charm. In the presence of Emerald, you'll find yourself wrapped in a cocoon of comfort and happiness. She's a living embodiment of affection, a loyal friend, and a potential therapy dog extraordinaire. Prepare to be enchanted by the lovable Emerald, a precious Schnoodle with eyes that hold the power to steal your heart.

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March 10, 2023
May 18, 2023
Lucinda & Rembrandt