F1B Small Teddybear Schnoodle

“Caspian” ~ Carrera Blue


Size: Small
Ribbon: Blue

Pricing after $305.33 deposit. Prep school can be added at checkout! :)

Caspian is a charming F1B Small Teddybear Schnoodle, born on February 24, 2023. He is a unique little pup with beautiful black and white markings that add to his already adorable appearance. His soft and curly fur is the perfect complement to his round eyes and button nose, making him the perfect cuddle companion.One of the best things about Caspian is that he is allergy-friendly, which means he is perfect for families who have members with allergies. This is because his coat is hypoallergenic, which makes him an ideal pet for those who love dogs but can't have them due to allergies.Caspian is an affectionate little pup who loves nothing more than to be in the company of his human family. He is always ready to snuggle up and offer his paw for a quick petting session. He is also quite curious and loves to explore new environments, sniffing out new smells and discovering new things.His playful and inquisitive nature makes him an excellent companion for children, who can spend hours playing with him and enjoying his company. With his friendly and outgoing personality, Caspian is sure to bring joy and laughter to anyone lucky enough to share their home with him.

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February 24, 2023
May 22, 2023
Carrera & Dunkin