US Regulation is that All-Inclusive Domestic Shipping is available To Most U.S. Destinations For Doodle Prep School Dogs & puppies that have been visited prior to their Ship date.

We are also unable to ship puppies if temperatures at the departing, connecting or arriving destinations are above 80 degrees in the spring/summer or below 20 degrees in the winter. 

We require that you personally come or have a personal representative for your family to meet your puppy during your adoption and prior to shipping - which is good news because WE LOVE MEETING YOU! If you are unable to personally come - a representative (an assistant, family member, etc) can stand in for you. You are always welcome and encouraged to visit and pick up your puppy in person. We realize that many of you can not get away from your busy lives to make the trip to Alabama the Beautiful and you will need your puppy to fly home to you. We are able to arrange to ship via Delta Airlines or United Airlines out of Pensacola, FL for our service, therapy, facility, emotional support, Alert, Pawtism Working dogs that have begun training in our prep school program. Puppies who are adopted as PETS will need to be picked up or utilize Au Pair Air (details below). 

We are unable to ship puppies sight unseen, pet puppies must be visited prior to their ship date. Service, Therapy "Working dogs" do not require a visit to ship but proper documentation is required before we will ship.

Watch Sherri's Vlog about Shipping 

Our local agents do an excellent job of getting our precious babies to their forever families. The puppies do great, and they are very comfortable in their crates. They go in for a nap, and within several hours they pop out to greet their new families usually with tails wagging giving lots of puppy kisses. They have no idea they have gone anywhere.

Watch this informative video if your puppy is shipping home


For more information, you are welcome to contact Lynne, our Shipping Coordinator, via email or call 251.960.1311.


During months of extreme heat/cold, Delta cannot ship our puppies, but thankfully United has a summer program which we can use.  During these months, travel plans could be delayed due to uncontrollable temperatures. Our staff will do their best to accommodate these areas as best as possible and alert you as new information is relayed to us from Delta. In some cases, a puppy will need to stay with us a bit longer, or a little road trip may be required to an airport outside of these restrictions. Extra fees could apply for this extension, so please make sure to discuss arrangements with your staff member during your adoption process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lynne, our Shipping Coordinator, at 251.960.1311

When temperatures are over 80 degrees, we MAY NOT be able to ship to PHOENIX, ARIZONA,  NEVADA or any other location where HEAT may be an issue.  Most of the United airports participate in the "Summer Program" where they provide climate controlled transportation to the airplane. We CANNOT ship to airports that do not participate in the Summer program. 

Working Dog/Dogs that have been met here at Smeraglia Shipping Fees:

  • $495 - Extra Small and Small Puppies
  • $595 - Medium and Standard Size Puppies

Your shipping fee includes:

  • Puppy's Flight
  • Veterinary Flight Health Certificate
  • All inclusive; All you have to do is to pick-up your puppy at your local Delta Cargo Office.

A few other important items:

  • Two puppies have the potential to be shipped together based on the total weight of both dogs.  Additional charges will apply.
  • Our cut-off day for shipping is eight days prior to departure.
  • If your puppy is eight weeks of age and misses the cutoff, we suggest that you send your puppy to one week of prep school and get them some training while they wait.
  • We fly out on Thursdays. If Thursdays spots reach capacity, Friday flights could become available but are not guaranteed. However, PLEASE NOTE:  Summer Months & Holiday Weeks can cause needed adjustments to this schedule.
  • We do not ship on weekends.
  • Please do not try to book your flights because we have to schedule them from our end. I often have clients call Delta/United or look up flights online and then e-mail the flight and times that they prefer. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but, unfortunately, it does not work this way. There are special flights that we have to fly out on - not every flight is equipped to accommodate puppies.    

International Shipping

  • Prices vary based on the restrictions of each country.
  • The price of the puppy & prep school is NOT included in the shipping price.
  • All puppies shipping overseas are required to go to a minimum of 8 weeks of Prep School which means they will be at least 16 weeks old when they fly home
  • Puppies will be up-to-date on all age-appropriate vaccinations
  • Puppies must be spayed or neutered before they are shipped. 
  • We use Delta's Pets First Services to fly our puppies home safely

Au Pair Air- Personal Puppy Delivery Service - We will bring your puppy to you either by air or we can drive it depending on your location. This is a very limited service, so it's on a first come first serve basis.



       Don't worry about a thing....We will handle everything for you.