F1B English Goldendoodles


F1B English Goldendoodle

The backcross (F1B) Goldendoodle is produced by crossing a F1 Goldendoodle with a Poodle (non related of course). F1B Goldendoodles will have a higher success rate for non-shedding, and are recommended for families with moderate to severe allergies. The F1B Goldendoodle is 75% Poodle which makes this generation the most hypo-allergenic of all the English Goldendoodle generations we breed. The English F1B Goldendoodles have beautiful loose wavy to curly plush coats.Goldendoodle Puppies ; English Goldendoodles ; teddy bear golden doodle

  • The F1B Goldendoodle is 75% Poodle which makes this generation the most hypo-allergenic of all the Goldendoodle generations we breed.
  • Keep in mind that the F1B will not necessarily look like a poodle or have the temperament of a poodle. The 75% poodle in their generation strictly pertains to the non-shedding and hypo-allergenic factors.
  • In every F1B litter there will be puppies that have loose-wavy coats that look exactly like a F1 Goldendoodle. These puppies are very desirable for families that want a more golden-looking Goldendoodle that does not shed.
  • Keep in mind that we can find any one of these coat types from all of our generations.
  • As experienced breeders, we are able to determine coat types by 6 weeks old.


  • Small - Approximately 15-30 pounds
  • Medium - Approximately 35-50 pounds
  • Standard- Approximately 55+ pounds 


T-Shirt Allergy Tests

We can provide a T-Shirt Allergy Test for clients that want to determine if they can tolerate a puppy from this generation (please note there is a $125 fee for this service).

F1B's can have a variety of coat types including loose-wavy, straight & curly. F1B's can have a variety of coat colors as well: Ultra Cream, Apricots, Champagne, Red, and many other color variations. Please refer to our color variety page to see examples. F1B English Goldendoodles come in all three sizes. (Please note that these are approximate weights. We do not guarantee weights or heights.)