What's A Twoodle

August 22, 2014

What is a Teddy Bear Twoodle?

A Twoodle is a designer breed resulting from the pairing of a Smeraglia English Goldendoodle with a Smeraglia Schnoodle.  It's a one of a kind puppy that "wows" all who receive one.

Why Twoodles?

That's good question and i'll be happy to explain ...As you all know, we specialize in the English Teddy Bear Goldendoodle and the Teddy Bear Schnoodle. Our goal in breeding English Goldendoodles and Schnoodles is to produce superior companion dogs that are intelligent, loving dogs with great temperaments and hypo-allergenic coats.  Over the last decade we have perfected these two breeds. Both breeds have many wonderful qualities. One thing that sets them apart is they are hypo-allergenic, with low to non-shedding coats which means that they are great for people with dog allergies and the best breed for service and therapy dogs that work in the public realm.

The Teddy Bear Twoodle is an intentional hybrid pairing of a Smeraglia English Goldendoodle with a Smeraglia Schnoodle. The Twoodle is a result of taking the best of both of our breeds and pairing them together to produce exactly what we need for our clients.

A Smeraglia Goldendoodle + A Smeraglia Schnoodle = The Twoodle


The Twoodle has a unique percentage formula designed by Smeraglia Enterprises...

62.5% Poodle / 25.0% English Golden Retreiver / 12.5% Schnauzer = 100% Teddy Bear Twoodle

Why breed Teddy Bear Twoodles?

We train several types of assistance dogs for specially abled people. When breeding Specialty Companion, Service & Therapy dogs, we occasionally have more specific needs for our clients such as: focus, endurance, drive, attentiveness, tractability and more hypo-allergenic coats. We see many of the traits we need in our Goldendoodles and other traits in our Schnoodles. Therefore we decided to breed the two togather. Our goal in the occasional Twoodle breeding is to produce a specialized assistant dog for our clients. 

What size are the Twoodles ? 

The current litter of Twoodles will be Small. The Mother is a 25lbs F1B Teddy Bear Schnoodle bred to the Father, a 25lbs F1/F1B small English Goldendoodle male.

Coat Type?

They will have a very plush, loose wavy fleece coat. They will look just like our F1 Goldendoodles but will be more allergy friendly. 


The Twoodles come in a variety of colors whereas the Goldendoodles have less color options. The Twoodles will produce gorgeous colors such as; chocolate, chocolate & tan phantoms, black, cream, champagne and parti.


The laid back gentleness and loyalty comes from the English Golden, with great focus from the Schnauzer and intelligence and Hypo-Allergenic coat coming from the Poodle.


The cost is the same as our Small Teddy Bear Goldendoodles, $3000.

Will this be the first litter of Twoodles?

No, about five years ago we did our first test breeding. The puppies were amazing. Our trainer said they were some of the smartest and most focused puppies she had ever trained. They were gorgeous, with amazing personalties. We still talk about Zorro one of the males from that litter to this day. This is an exclusive specialty breeding created by Smeraglia for specific clients. We assure you that you will be amazed by these incredible puppies.

Need more info?

We have a very limited number of Twoodle puppies a year. If you feel that one of our Twoodles would be a perfect match for your family or if you are needing a small size companion dog please feel free to give us a call....we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.