The Smeraglia Difference

January 10, 2014



This is the Smeraglia Difference.....We are a Family and we are Committed to our Doodles for life!

Long before any of our Teddy Bear Doodles are born, we are preparing for their entrance into the world. Their Mom & Dad receive optimum love, care and nutrition. They are living their lives to the fullest here at Smeraglia’s home and Smeraglia’s Puppy University. We believe that emotionally and physically sound, healthy parent dogs produce sound, healthy puppies.

The day a puppy is born into our state of the art nursery, they begin their journey to become a companion to their forever family. Many of our puppies will go on to be Service, Therapy and Emotional support doodles, therefore we have lots of preparations to do on our end to get them ready for life. Everything that we do "to them" and everything that we "expose them to" will affect who they become. They are cared for and monitored 24/7 by our team of dedicated puppy loving staff.

We take each and every thing that we do very seriously to ensure that we imprint them properly. Each day of their young life is extremely important but the most impressionable days of their lives will be days 42 to 56. 

Our puppies live with their moms in their cozy nursery until they are weaned. Once weaned, they graduate to the puppy room, which is our indoor puppy playground paradise. They usually move to the puppy room on or around day 42 and we begin the most important socialization period of their lives.

The puppy will be temperament tested on Day 49.

Our Puppies will be handled at least 100 times from days 42 to 56  by as many different people as possible.....and probably many more because they are irresistible! 

They will also be exposed to at least 100 different sights, sounds, touches and smells while in the puppy room.

We have developed a special program for our staff to follow to ensure that all puppies complete our program successfully. This includes regular trips and car rides for our puppies and parents from Smeraglia home to Puppy University (15 minute drive) so that they are becoming accustomed to travel before they reach their forever families. We evaluate each puppy individually and we know him or her well. 

Our techniques will produce puppies that are highly intelligent, extremely social, emotionally healthy, confident and people focused. We evaluate each puppy individually and we know them well. 

  • We allow our puppies to be picked up at 56 days (8 Weeks).
  • We allow our puppies to begin Doodle Prep School the first Thursday after they are 56 days old (8weeks).
  • We allow our puppies to fly home the first Friday after they are 56 days old (8weeks) although we highly recommend at least 2 weeks of Doodle Prep School for any puppy flying home alone.

All puppies that stay with us beyond 8 weeks of age will go to Smeraglia's Puppy University which is the home of our Doodle Prep School to begin their training. Most of our parent dogs stay at Puppy University in dorms while receiving continued training for their lives after they leave our breeding program.

Puppy University is our privately owned beautiful 10,000 square feet training facility for Smeraglia Doodles only. It's staffed with our highly certified trainers that train our doodles from 8 weeks to Maturity. We invite any Smeraglia Doodle back to board   in one of 13 VIP Villas or to schedule continued training or certifications. We also have grooming appointments available. 

This is the Smeraglia Difference.....We are a Family and we are Committed to our Doodles for life!